We are General Autonomy Ltd.

Based in the UK, we are a start-up specialising in Autonomous Systems development. Our founding members have backgrounds in both academia and industry, with considerable experience in leading research projects.

General Autonomy is set to deliver both innovative products and turnkey services.

Our Services

UAV System Development

Our primary aim is to develop intelligent and novel UAV (drone) based solutions for different applications. Having already succeeded in obtaining funding from Innovate UK, we are continuing to develop in house platforms for indoor automated survey, as well as exploring advanced flight control, aerial agriculture survey and restricted access inspection.

Technical Consulting

In addition to developing our own systems, we provide technical consultation on a wide range of automated systems; including drones, self-driving cars and general computer vision systems.

Aerial Site Surveys

As part of our in-house platform development, we are always keen to expand our capabilities. Any potential clients looking for drone based inspection should feel free to contact us to see if an initial site-inspection could both meet their needs, and allow us to gather data and experience operating in a new environment.